December 01, 2015


Come see what others have experienced. CRYC has dedicated 50 years to Christian camping and this year is no different!! Join us as we explore scripture for guidence on how to "Set Your Mind on Things Above". While you're here we will discover new friendships, and have a spiritual adventure like no other.                                                         


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Ridge_Adventure_LogoRidge Adventure Ropes & Retreats

CRYC is excited to introduce Ridge Adventure Ropes & Retreats, a division of CRYC that will focus on building stronger families, businesses, youth, and church groups by offering programs such as: Team Develpoment classes, Family reunions, Church and Youth retreats, Birthday party rentals, and Pool rentals. CRYC is dedicted to providing a variety of adventurous experiences for any group or individuals of all ages in a relaxing, natural environment. 


For more information on what Ridge Adventure Ropes & Retreats has to offer contact 870-573-6766 or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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Map it!Getting here is half the fun! (Well, maybe not half. And maybe not really all that fun. But it's do-able, is what we're trying to say here.) Whatever... just get a Google Map here.

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CRYC is available year-round as a retreat center for churches, businesses, civic organizations, family reunions, etc. Read more...


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